Save Sagada aims to spread awareness on the protection, conservation, and preservation of Sagada’s nature, culture, and heritage and  promote environmentally responsible and culture sensitive travel and tourism.

As one of the tourist spots in the country and dubbed as the Shangrila of the North, it has been attracting visitors from all walks of life, all across the country and around the globe for many years. This picturesque town in a valley is blessed with a cool, highland climate, a plethora of breathtaking natural landscapes, and a rich and living cultural heritage.

With the advent of technology and commercialization in this quaint town, Sagada is drastically being carried away in the background of looming buildings, paved and concrete roads and pathwalks and the urban-like hustle and bustle. The unabated and drastic development poses a foreboding threat in the ecosystem and socio-cultural life of Sagada.

This blog is an avenue for updates and discussions on any related topics with regard to the advocacy of saving Sagada or anything under the Sagada sun.